Fully licensed Restaurant Camping Kahvikko
Our restaurant is divided into three parts: Non-smoking dining-room Kahvikkosali (open also in winter), Olkihattu-terrace is warm indoor terrace, as well as covered outdoor terrace.
Restaurant Camping Kahvikko is a good place to meet people and have something to eat. Pizzas, meals and warm snacks are served. Occasionally there are Saturday evening´s dances.

Summer shop
From our well-stocked summer shop you can buy groceries, beer, magazines, liquid gas, etc.

We have three saunas, one of which is for 5 persons and two bigger ones for 14 persons.
Inquiries about the turns can be made to the reception.

Laundry facilities
Our laundry facilities are good. You can reserve laundry room from the reception. Laundry fee is 5€.

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